"If we hope to change the world, we have to begin with the children."

Rising Star, Chennai, India


Although The children of Families living in LeproSY colonies are not always immediately affected by Leprosy, the stigma of coming from a Leprosy colony makes them “untouchables” like their parents. Often, conditions in the colonies cause these children to grow up as beggars themselves, thus perpetuating the curse of leprosy from generation to generation.

risingstary_pic2SCF purchased the land for the construction of The Marriott Children’s Homes and The Peery Matriculation High School for orphaned and leprosy affected children.

The Marriott Children’s Homes are family-style dormitories where the children are divided into small groups under the care of a housemother or housefather. In their small “families”, they are enveloped in an environment of hope, love and education. They learn about health, cleanliness, and service as they are prepared to enter mainstream society.

The Peery Matriculation High School accommodates the Rising Star children as they grow older, and houses a beautiful library, a science lab, and upper curriculum classrooms, preparing them for a bright future.

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