"If we hope to change the world, we have to begin with the children."

Rawalpindi, Pakistan

SCF funded the construction of classrooms at Saba Home, an all girls school, which serves 60 young women. The Saba Home adopts parentless/needy girls between 4 to 9 years old and provides them with, what Saghir Aslam (founder), describes as:

“A home filled with love and affection like no other. To the best of my knowledge, there is nothing of this quality in the world. We are unique, we are different and we have changed the whole concept of orphanages. We have built an institution that all of us, as a matter of fact, Pakistan and the entire world can be proud of, as there is nothing like this. Saba girls learn love and respect, every human being regardless of their religion, country or creed.”

rawalpindigroup_picaCCORDING TO Saghir Aslam, The Saba Home is based on the philosophy “If you give a person a fish you feed him for a day – if you teach him how to catch fish you feed him for a life time.”

please help scf “feed more fish!”







rawalpindiriza_pic“I am Fiza five years old. My father passed away a long ago. We were informed by someone about Saba Trust which is a famous trusty organization and then I and my sister were sent here. We are very happy here. I have sighted such things which I had never before. The teachers are very good and MAMA and PAPA are at the top of the list. They take care of us like their own daughters. They feed us good and hygienic food. I am as happier as it is inexpressible. My life has turned over. I will study whole heartedly and will stand first in my class ever, if I could make my well wishers happy. I am a little enough who may wish only. I pray to my almighty Allah to make me able to help poor and needy persons, May Almighty Allah keep MAMA & PAPA always happy.” – Fiza

There are 60 more girls like Fiza living at the Saba Home. Please help Saba Home continue to provide homeless girls with food, love and education.

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