"If we hope to change the world, we have to begin with the children."

Rajasthan, India

SCF provides families living in poverty, particularly rural women, with small loans to assist them in starting their own businesses and to train them in microenterprise management skills. These families live in rural areas without access to credit.

rajasthan_womenMicro-lending (loans usually between $10-$200) enables individuals to buy basic equipment and supplies to start their own small businesses. entire villages that have been active in micro-lending efforts for several years have now become self-sufficient villages that no longer rely on charity for their survival. businesses supported by micro-loans, include agriculture, animal husbandry, shops, carpenters, barbers, beauty shops, day-care centers, tailors, roof construction, artists, seamstresses, bicycle repair, auto-rickshaws, and car repair.

Please help SCF provide more individuals with a viable alternative to rag-picking and begging and the opportunity to generate sustainable income, dignity and hope through micro-lending.


microlendingpicCopal used to beg in front of the village store. The shop owner would often curse at him and threaten him until he moved away. But through micro-lending, Copal was able to purchase a pot and two cups. He began a simple tea business which gradually expanded. Today when Copal goes to the store, the shop keeper welcomes him, sets a chair for him, and offers him tea. Today, Copal supplies tea to the store! A small loan empowered Copal with dignity, and hope as he became a productive member of society and is now able to care for his children.

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