"If we hope to change the world, we have to begin with the children."

Pathway Sabin Home, Chennai, India

The Pathway Argo Farm (“Pathway”) started in 2002. SCF funded construction of the Sabin Home for Children which was completed in 2009. Pathway now houses and educates 450 children who are orphans, fatherless, or who come from economically destitute families.


Pathway is a fully accredited English-medium, matriculation school, enhanced with programs for arts, music, moral values, and physical education. Graduates from the school are prepared for higher education with fluency in both English and their native Tamil. This background equips them to be community leaders in the global economy of 21st century India.

Facilities at Pathway are top-of-the line and include swimming, music, recreational facilities, and full medical care in a rural, eco-friendly environment. The Pathway property is planted in mango and coconut trees and is home to fields of rice and vegetable gardens which supply all of the food needs of the children.

SCF continues to help fund the operations at Pathway each year.

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chennaisabinhome_picThese three orphan sisters were recently living on the streets of Chennai, India. They were invited to live and attend school at Pathway after they were found huddled near the body of their mother who had died days earlier in the gutter. They had no place to go. They had no one to help them. Unfortunately, this situation is common in many parts of India. Our hope is that this project will rescue similar children from hopelessness by providing them with a safe living environment filled with warmth, love and education.

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