"If we hope to change the world, we have to begin with the children."

Manila, Philippines

In the Philippines, over 4,000 children are born with physical impairments and deformities each year. Cleft lips, cleft pallets, club feet, and crossed eyes, are unfortunately seen by many as a mark of evil or wrongdoing. Consequently, most children with such impairments drop out of school.

manilacrossedeyesboy_picSCF funds corrective and reconstructive surgeries in Manila which have changed the lives of thousands of children previously living with cleft palates, clubfeet and eye disorders.







manilacasts_picSCF also funded the construction of a pre/post operative facility in Manila where children can prepare for and recover from these surgeries.







SCF also constructed a “state of the art” cranial/facial surgical center in Manila which performs thousands of cleft palate surgeries each year.











manilabefore_picRizal Gutierrez is a nine-year-old boy from the Philippines who suffers from a condition known as frontonasal dysplasia. As a result of this infirmity, Rizal has faced continual ridicule from community members—even from his peers, their parents, and prominent members of the village. Rizal comes from a poor, disadvantaged family, so an operation to improve Rizal’s situation has been out of the question. Over time, the Gutierrez family began to lose hope that Rizal would ever lead a normal life.

manilaafter_picRizal’s father heard an advertisement on the radio by SCF’s partner, Deseret International Foundation, that claimed to perform corrective and reconstructive surgeries free of charge. Rizal soon received two of the three surgeries he would need at no cost.

Rizal has one more operation to go before he can return home for good. When asked what’s in store for Rizal when the third surgery is complete, his father replied, “He wants to go to school and is excited to lead a normal life. He wants to play chess. Before the surgery, he never left the house; now he is a busy body. He wants to try new foods and become more independent. I hope he becomes a car painter like me.”

As Rizal re-enters his community, he will no longer be scorned. Free to attend school and leave his home as he chooses, his new life is miraculous and he will be a contributing member of his community.

For an average of $25, you can help cure blindness, allow lame to walk and help deformed children to speak and eat normally for the first time in their lives.

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