"If we hope to change the world, we have to begin with the children."

Baffa, Pakistan

baffakids_picmore than 15-20% of blindness in children is caused by cataracts.

SCF funded the construction of a general hospital and eye clinic in Baffa (Saba Deseret) where the previous hospital had been destroyed by an earthquake in 2010.

baffa_doctorpicSCF also donated critical equipment to the hospital to enable surgeries that help prevent the growing rate of curable blindness.

In addition to restoring sight at the hospital, physician teams travel to remote areas, screen patients for cataracts and perform free surgeries. The traveling teams also work with local medical personnel to provide further training.

SCF also sponsors outreach camps in remote areas to screen children for eye related problems.

From August 2011 to December 2011 alone, the hospital screened approximately 1,600 patients and restored sight to approximately 400 through cataract surgeries.

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