"If we hope to change the world, we have to begin with the children."


SCF partners with select charitable organizations who have country specific expertise. SCF provides capital to partner organizations which help administer medical and humanitarian programs to children in greatest need

Some of our partner organizations include:

deseret-internationa-logoDeseret International FDN (DIF)

DIF assembles local teams of volunteer physicians in third-world countries to perform critical surgeries on those who have great needs. SCF has enjoyed a strong partnership with DIF since 1995.


pci-logoProject Concern International (PCI)

PCI helps children around the world by providing clean water, disease prevention, education, vocational training and maternal child health education. SCF and PCI have been partners since 1996.


mwb-logoMothers Without Borders (MWB)

MWB is a relief organization that addresses the physical, emotional, social and educational needs of children around the world. SCF and MWB have partnered for over 10 years.


pathway-logoThe Pathway Center For Children

Pathway is a non-profit charity based in Chennai, India which serves needy children and handicapped adults without regard for religion or caste. SCF first partnered with Pathway in 2006.


rising-star-outreach-logoRising Star Outreach (RSO)

RSO is committed to providing relief to India’s abandoned children and leprosy-afflicted families. SCF first partnered with RSO in India in 2001.


CFF-logoThe Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (CFF)

CF is the number one genetic killer of children in the world. SCF and CFF have been strong partners since 1993.